Society is based on several social constructions and standard expectations if you are aiming at growth. While these social constructs can drain any individual mentally, a disabled individual is often not even considered as a participant due to the physical difference.

Fortunately in the past few years, awareness campaigns and disable role models have brought a great initiative of motivating differently-abled people towards an independent life.

A differently-abled person can do as much as anyone else with support and an environment they can function in easily. Most of these individuals are moving forward with the funded assistance of NDIS.

NDIS refers to the national disability insurance scheme formed in 2012 to fund and provide disability assistance to disabled individuals in Australia.

NDIS is a national scheme that ensures the support a disabled individual requires for independently living. The purpose of NDIS as an institute is to approve a disabled person’s plan for assistance and provide funding for services that will lessen the expenses, medical costs, and other inconveniences.

Under the NDIS program for the disabled are the two categories: plan management assistance and support coordination service.

Plan management assistance or services is funded for everyone enrolled in the NDIS program introduced to help the individuals utilize the funding to the maximum.

An NDIS Support coordination service is a funded feature by the system introduced to help navigate the disabled individuals and their caretakers through the schemes. Support coordination service is usually included in an individual’s plan but in case it is not you can easily request it

When you apply for NDIS Support coordination, the organization sends you a professional who helps you make informed choices such as how to utilize your NDIS funding, which plan is better for you and also assists you through the formal procedure if you want to make changes in the plan or request a necessity.

Benefits of Receiving Support Coordination Services:

There are several aspects of the NDIS scheme that a disabled individual may be unaware of which could minimize the ultimate benefits and independence that you can avail.

Support Coordination Connects You With Relevant People:

NDIS is a national program that an individual can enroll in no matter which state they reside in. Each state has different service providers in the DIS market place. The support coordinator helps you connect with the relevant networks in the state. They make sure that your service provider is suitable according to your plan needs/requirements and budget.

Connecting to the relevant people also means that the services are nearby in the local area for maximum convenience.

Support Coordination Helps You Understand Your Plan:

NDIS is an extremely beneficial plan for disabled individuals, however, the process is not as simple as filling up a form. An NDIS plan goes through several processes to get approved, It can be daunting to keep up with all the steps, taking action, and achieving your desired goal. A support coordinator with experience can provide better insights into your plan. they walk you through the processes, changes as well the standards of funding. 

A sub coordinator can provide you better guidance than any other organization or professional.

Support Coordination Assist You With Budget and Funding:

Budgeting is a crucial part to live independently as a disabled person. Depending on the needs and circumstances funds are allocated for each case and the individual is responsible to prepare the requirements and utilize the budget throughout the plan.

Budgeting for the plan requires a lot of technical skills that are present in a support coordinator. These professionals help you budget plan, find services within the budget as well prepare you for future budgeting.

Eligibility For The Support Coordination Service:

Under the NDIS scheme, all individuals are included regardless of where and how acquired their disability, however, unlike the NDIS management plan, support coordination service has a standard for eligibility.

In order to acquire NDIS funding for a support Support coordination services, the following are the terms of eligibility:

  • Through the capacity building strategy, an individual is capable of developing the confidence and skill needed to navigate the NDIS plan independently. In this scenario, the support coordination is funded only temporarily and doesn’t go further than that.
  • Most disabled individuals have informal group support dedicated to connect them with the service providers and accompany them with different processes. Individuals who are living independently without any informal network/ social circle such as friends and family are eligible to receive funding from the NDIS plan.
  • Any individual who is receiving the NDIS plan for the first time will go through significant life changes. A support coordination service specifically supports the newcomers to the scheme.  At this phase, either the disabled individual or the caretaker can seek help to understand the plan and standard processes.

The mentioned above are just a few points that make you eligible for the funding of the support coordination. If you have a different case scenario, feel free to submit an application or refer to your plan management advisor.

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